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The practice of law is intensely personal, profoundly unique from case to case and often adversarial.  The financial and emotional stakes can run high. A lawyer's office or the courtroom is the last place most people want to be.  My goal is to provide clients with practical, aggressive, effective and personal representation while responding to client needs with honesty and integrity.  All clients deserve personal attention to their issues and a lawyer who will truely look after the client's best interests only.

I take pride in my reputation for professional integrity and ethics.  That reputation is a valuable asset to be used while representing a client's interests.  While we will do everything allowed within the bounds of the law to vigorously represent the interests of our client, it is not necessary to and we will not compromise your case by compromising our or your integrity and/or ethics.  You should not have someone representing your interests whose integrity or ethics are situational.  If someone would do something unethical "for you", it is a short journey to them doing something unethical "to you".


The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be made solely upon advertisements

The Creekside Building II, 2650 E. 32nd Street, Ste 201, Joplin, Missouri 64804

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